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BookCoverPreview the time remembered....

Katilaya Duchess, romance writer of Erotica and Conservator inherits the family manor. Coming out of a controlling relationship she returns to restore the century old building. She also returns to troubled memories. The main one being Jaxon Ryder. She left for college and career but vows to keep in touch. After a year, communication stopped. As she continues with her life she doesn't know the havoc Jaxon's life has turned into.  
Jaxon Ryder steps into the family business of building contractor. He's quiet, moody, and no wonder with his life a shambles. Through the years the troubles are slowly dissipating except for one. He swears off finding love as in his younger years he goes from one woman to another in his quest to erase the one beautiful lady's memory.  
Then Kat returns instantly disturbing everything once normal to him. 
He is hired to restore her home and together they work. The attraction he feels is strong but his stubborn pride won't permit him to truly desire her. He lives to have relationships without commitments.  
With her own bad baggage she strives to become the independent lady she once was. Katilaya understands his ideas about not getting close to someone, the pain is often too harsh to deal with. Struggling to hide her true feelings Kat soon realizes that she wants him back into her life and vows to do anything to get his heart to open. She even relents with have one night stands with no commitment. 
Will she succeed? How will she succeed? She's a woman who won't give up.

Carter Hawke, five time gold medalist for the Olympics is now owner of a ski lodge in the Rockie Mountains that is linked to a hundred year old murder mystery. His business should be booming but stories of the lodge being haunted and confrontations from entities sends customers packing early and demanding a refund. With the lodge losing money he is desperate to save it. 
While the lodge is low on customers during the spring and summer months, Carter is on a business trip. During his absence his father hires a financial consultant without his knowledge. 
Amber Malloy, the ginger haired green-eyed beauty is the financial advisor who has Shaman and Clairvoyant abilities. She has heard of the stories associated with the lodge but once there the spirits are restless and as she investigates the stories she realizes there are other forces of the lodge reaching out from the past. 
She harbors a secret of her own and struggles to trust but Carter is determined to win her over. She is persistent with the ghost sightings and possessions but he doesn't believe in such foolishness. Still he refuses to give up on her and soon they realize why the spirits are bringing them together as greed and an illicit love affair from the past resurface.